9-year-old pot snitch told police, "Doing drugs is bad"

The 9-year-old Barnesville girl who snitched on her parents for growing pot entered the police station on June 6 "visibly upset" and, though tears, told officers she took her story to authorities because "doing drugs is bad." (Read the backstory here.)

"She didn't want to be around marijuana smoke anymore because it made her sick," an incident report sent to us by the Barnesville Police Department says. "She also indicated that she was concerned... because [redacted] blow marijuana smoke into [her] dog's mouth."

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The girl's allegations prompted officers to begin searching the parents' garbage. Officers found a number of items consistent with a marijuana growing operation and obtained a search warrant, which they executed on June 24. (Child protective services knew of the girl's marijuana grow-op allegations as far back as February, the report says. It doesn't detail how they were informed.)

In a "hot and humid" basement area, officers found seven marijuana plants. The parents were arrested. In a post-Miranda interview, one of them -- their names are redacted from the report -- told officers the marijuana was intended to "help with chronic back pain."

Though the girl told officers "people have come to the house to buy [pot]," the parents denied that. Asked whether they had any further plans to grow marijuana, one of them replied, "Not in this state."

Read the heavily redacted report for yourself:

Barnesville marijuana incident report

Late last week, Barnesville Police Chief Dean Ernst told us charges still haven't been filed, though that should happen sooner rather than later. Since the search warrant was executed, the girl has been staying with her grandparents.

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