A Luv Me Again volunteer's unwitting involvement in a rogue dog rescue


She was told the dog was about to be euthanized at a shelter in Oklahoma, not neglected in a warehouse in Bloomington.

Reader Kelly Pearson responds to Bethany Beilby's Luv Me Again Animal Rescue looked suspiciously like a dog flipping business

I was an in-home foster for Luv Me Again. The last dog I volunteered to foster arrived sickly, about 20-25 pounds underweight, and could barely walk because "he was kept in a small crate and couldn't stand up and the people that had him before just dumped him at some shelter in Oklahoma."

I was told that was how he arrived at rescue -- weak and starving, saved from a shelter in Oklahoma that would have euthanized him -- and that he was saved by Bethany, etc.

Now I'm crying thinking of poor Keegan, stuck in a crate in some warehouse, being starved to death and weak because he wasn't allowed to stand up.

I will say that Luv Me Again gave the volunteers food, toys, and treats for the dogs, and the dogs got vet care when it was needed -- all dogs were spayed/neutered, etc. The food was high-end food, but it was donated, I believe. The prices asked were usually a bit less than other rescue groups. Another volunteer I know spent thousands of her own money helping to pay vet bills.

I can't say that Luv Me Again was a dog-flipping business based on that. But who knows? I should have asked to see this warehouse where the dogs were kept prior to agreeing to foster in-home, but it never occurred to me that it would be anything to worry about.

If anyone knows what happened to the 37 dogs rescued, please send me a FB message. I would like to help!!! 


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