In rural Minnesota, the leeches will complain until the blood runs dry


If rural Minnesota doesn't like what the cities are doing, it's welcome to get off the dole and pick up its own tab. Derek Bakken

Reader Joey Diaz responds to At the Capitol, Minneapolis-St. Paul plays the villain (and pays the bills):

If the metro area of the Twin Cities falters and takes after Detroit, who will pay for all the rural infrastructure, services, and operations? There is a vested interest that cities like Baudette, Albert Lea, Stillwater, and others have in ensuring the metro can attract talent, host events, and provide for businesses and residents.

Of course, if any small township feels that the metro area is being too greedy, they should be free to withdraw their contributions to the state coffers, and in return lose any funding they receive as well.

I will say the same for states that receive more in federal funds than they give, most of which are former Conferderate states (which love to remind us about with their flags and their monuments, not to mention their attitudes). Don't like what the feds provide? Then make do for yourselves and stop draining the resources.

There is a fine line between symbiotic relationships and parasitic ones. You will never hear a leech complain until the blood runs dry.

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