Minnesota's favorite Memorial Day destination is... Minnesota!


Voyageurs National Park is one of the premier travel destinations in Minnesota, as this lonely looking person already knows. jck_photos, flickr

If you learn one thing heading into Memorial Day weekend, let it be this: Minnesota loves itself some it.

This fact comes from a new survey by offers.com (one of the leading resources for offers-based information) which reports on where Americans will be packing up the car, and the kids, and heading off to this three-day weekend. (67 percent of revelers planned Memorial Day travel by car; 8 percent will travel by boat, and must've just forgot to invite you.) 

Throughout the West and South, Americans are drawn like touristy moths to California and Florida, which are the favored Memorial Day destinations of seven and 18 (!) states, respectively. As might be expected, Californians like to vacation in California, and most Floridians are not allowed to cross state lines due to some kind of parole. 

Another 11 territories had travelers pick their home state as the most popular destination, including Minnesota. Our state was also picked as the most popular destination by both North Dakota and South Dakota, though curiously, no other state has Minnesota as its second or even third choice for Memorial Day.

Fools, the lot of them. And who knew the Dakotas were so wise?

People who live in Wisconsin will spend Memorial Day in Wisconsin, like self-obsessed egomaniacs.

In other facts, Minnesota's second favorite place to travel is Illinois, and California's our third choice.

Our most looked-forward-to activity this coming weekend is to "Get outside," more than we want to "Grill out," "Spend time with friends and family," "Honor the fallen veterans" (oh, right, them), or "Shop." (Really, Mississippi?)  

It's not clear why "grill out" even needed to  be a choice, because in the next question, we told offers.com our favorite holiday weekend food is "burgers." (Popular choice, that.) That leaves spending time with friends and family, and/or honoring the fallen veterans, both of which you can do once you get outside. Just don't shop.

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