Don't miss this Minnesotan-as-hell JD Fratzke pop-up at Animales BBQ Co.

Animales Barbeque Co.

Animales Barbeque Co.

Spiced chicken kebabs. Venison pudgy pies. S'more pudgies.

If you're like, "What the hell?" about two of the terms above, know that City Pages staffers were similarly baffled after stumbling across them in a message from Animales Barbeque's Jon Wipfli. 

The note started with names we recognize: "JD Fratzke will be cooking here on Sunday with me for a pop-up!"

Cool! We're with you. Fratzke was our Best Chef pick for 2018!

The things they're cooking, though? Pudgies? Those we had to pretend to recognize, before quietly, shamefully phoning a friend (Google).

Pudgy Pie (n): "A staple at campgrounds across the Midwest," they're "warm, gooey, and customizable." They're "not actually pies, but rather toasted sandwiches," and "the perfect vessel to deliver deliciousness to your mouth."

Which, of course they are. Wipfli and Fratzke are two outdoorsy, woodsy, nature-y guys. They spend a lot of time in the woods; they know their way around a campfire; of course they'd know their campground staples. And this is the stuff they love doing: "Outside cooking, in the cold, over an open fire, trying to make one of our mutual childhood favorites in the pudgy pie in a fashion that we both can appreciate," Wipfli says.

It'll probably look juuuuust like this:

Animales Barbeque Co.

Animales Barbeque Co.

Except, you know. At a northeast Minneapolis brewery.

"We love this type of outdoor, winter cookery," Wipfli says, "and to plop it in front of a brewery makes it that much more Minnesotan."

Wipfli says the savory pudgy will be a venison stew with wild rice and turnips. The other will satisfy your sweet tooth with homemade marshmallows and chocolate chips.

Meanwhile, Animales will be "smoking at full force," bringing you its usual meaty spread.

The JD event runs noon to 5, and the trailer is open noon to 2 for lunch, with the regular menu from 2 to 6. Find 'em at Able Brewing as always: 1121 Quincy St. NE, Minneapolis.